Cairo and Alexandria 07 days 06 nights Cairo / Alexandria MYR1599, are with , not only, but, 4500 years ago - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Cairo and Alexandria 07 days 06 nights Cairo / Alexandria MYR1599, are with , not only, but, 4500 years ago

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Egypt stopped Fahaalqahirh and Alexandria 07 days 06 nights Cairo / Alascndriayum 01: Alqahirhousolh to Cairo International Airport, Meet & Assist at the airport, and after that passes to claim immigration baggage, customs, and transfer to hotel for overnight. Day 02: Alqahirhoaakb Breakfast at the hotel by Day Tour full. In the morning will be the motivation behind you to see the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx: the most famous monuments of ancient Egypt, not only, but of the whole ancient world! Has been building these structures, massive stone about 4500 years ago on a hill in rocky desert near the Nile River. After lunch you are taken to the Institute of papyrus where you will see how the ancient Egyptians made this introduction to the newspaper today; her go to make them yourself, and get a chance Let's look at some examples of the wonderful art of papyrus, with no obligation to buy. Day 03: Breakfast visit mosques Alqahirahibad wonderful starting from the famous - and a mosque? Madrsa Sultan Hassan - be seen to be the largest mosque in Cairo and the Islamic world, which was built in 1356 of the Mamluk Sultan of Sultan Hassan. This mosque, including the madrsa (religious school) to teach the four schools of Islam alson includes a large hosptial and the shrine to his son considered to be the largest one in Egypt. - Is (Al RaifiI Mosque) built Infornt than in the (1869-1912) ended, but since 40 years, and really is deserive it was built by the mother of Khedive Ismail, to serve as a tomb for herself and other members can be of the royal family at home u visit the grave (King Farouk, the King? Fouad, Khedive Ismail and his mother with his three wives), and the tomb of Saha from Iran that it contains the tomb of (Muhammad Bahlwy) who died in 1944. ? - To continue our tour to (Ibn Tulun) mosque, which is the best perserved of the Islamic structures in very early in Cairo, dating back to (876-879), one of the largest mosques in the world it is built on an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout? 6 and half? Acres with suffixes. And climb a spiral high minartes 40 m.high. - In the back of this mosque is the house beauitful (Beit El Karitliya) or 4 (Museaum Gayer-Anderson) Acatually it is two houses dating back to the 16th century, and the other from th18 century, and the Gayer-Anderson was the chief British, who are and restord that in 1935 and linked to out through the bridge to be one house is huge and important to show how the pepole in the 16 century and 18 had been living. - visit (castle) dates back to 12century, to visit the famous mosques at home 1 - (Mosque of Muhammad Ali) (mosque alabster) dates back to 1830. - to leave the castle (Al Azhar), the first mosque in a Shiite mosque built in 970 AD fatimed Today, Al-Azhar? Turned into a theological school. And the university's leading studay religion. - The face of Al-Azhar is the largest bazzars (Khan Khalili).? Shops in this area is legendary for fine brassware, copper, leather, silver, gold, antiques and others. Go on a walking tour of about an hour or two. - At the end of the day will move you back to the hotel. Day 04: Cairo / Alascndriatbdo your day with breakfast at your hotel followed by drive 2.5 hours, in a car with air conditioning we have, to Alexandria where they will be checking in at the hotel upon arrival. After Check-in time has come to start the first round in this beautiful city, built originally by Alexander the Great, including a visit to the new Library of Alexandria (Bibliotheca Alexandrina), which opened on October 16, 2002, with the rack space for eight million books, and room Reading is key in 11 levels, and Alexandria National Museum, built in a former palace and houses now nearly 2000 artifacts that tell the story of the city, including the recent find of the sinking of the city, and Bey Citadel, where about 1480 Mamluk Sultan al-Ashraf Bey immunization site, which was held on the ruins of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, and with the improvements of successive it stands now as a castle very prominent on the coast of the Mediterranean, and the Roman amphitheater, which all the town in the Empire old Romanian. somewhere in the middle of the day We will find an exciting time to give you lunch at a local restaurant, and in the end of the day will be returned to the hotel to eat Ashayum 05:? Alexandria / Breakfast Alqahirhobad be taken to the park gardens, and private garden, where world leaders meet in many cases, and 150 acres of the many trees, palms, and flowers, overlooking many of the bays and beaches. After lunch you are driven back to Cairo. Day 06: Alqahirhogbh breakfast, free day for shopping, over night in Alphendgayoom 07: Alqahirhaleom latter begins with breakfast at the hotel followed by check out. You will then be transferred to the airport to leave the final. End Alborn.tdmn program: - 5 nights hotel Cairo accommodation in bed and breakfast basis. 1 - nights accommodation in hotels Alexandria Hotel on bed and breakfast basis. - Two full day tour in Cairo with lunch - one tour for a full day in Cairo with lunch - Multilingual guide expert Egyptologist. - All your tours and travels are with - service reception and assistance in all your destinations. - All your visits include entrance fees. - Our prices include all taxes and services. not included: - an entry visa to Egypt. - international flights - personal items. - Tipping. - Any other items not mentioned. - Any tours Optional. - Any meals not provided for in the trip. Alphenadegllchks per name DBL Hotel 5-star hotel is RM1, 680 to be advice on Takidhl 4-star hotel RM1, 599 to be Takidnaml advice you will find all of the above in the system. If you need further information or clarification please do not hesitate to contact us. Assure you a better level of service for in all times. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Mohammed Arushdmder sales Alakulaimada Link Smart Asia Vacation Tours retains JD Bharinala 75 Jalan Bukit Bintang , the level of 4.05 0.55100 Kuala Mburalhatf: 603-2145 3699 Mobile: 5976 603-16790 E-mail:

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Cairo and Alexandria 07 days 06 nights Cairo Alexandria MYR1599 are with not only but 4500 years ago
Cairo and Alexandria 07 days 06 nights Cairo / Alexandria MYR1599, are with , not only, but, 4500 years ago

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